Research Statement

I am a digital government scholar who investigates social dynamics that shape the production and consumption of information. As an interdisciplinary scholar, I position digital government within policy processes, informatics, and technology management.

My educational background covers three fields that are central to understanding the role of digital information in society: computer science, library science, and management information science. I believe that good research addresses everyday concerns, explains observable phenomena, builds on past research, and finally stimulates new questions. The trajectory of my work is built on these foundations.

Technical design choices impact how people establish shared meaning. My work is situated to increase the integrity of technology that is critical to science and society. 

Publications & Peer-reviewed Presentations

·     The interoperability of US Federal Government Information: Interoperability (2016) Anne L. Washington. Chapter in Anil Aggarwal (Ed) Managing Big Data Integration in the Public Sector. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

·     Failure-Driven Innovation. (2015) Allen Alexander, Olivier Berthod, Sebastian Kunert, Oliver Sage. Preface by Anne Sigismund Huff, Kathrin M. Möslein, Ralf Reichwald and Anne L. Washington. Artop University Press, Berlin Germany.

·      Unshared Task in PoliInformatics for Natural Language Processing. (2014) Claire Cardie, Noah A. Smith, Anne L. Washington, and John Wilkerson. Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) 52nd Annual Meeting. Workshop on Language Technologies and Computational Social Science.

·      Government Information Policy in the Era of Big Data.Washington, Anne L. (2014). Review of Policy Research. 31(4). 319–325.

·      Using Big Data for Digital Government Research. Anne L. Washington, Nili Steinfeld, Lidwien van Wijngaert Panelists. dg.o ’14 Proceedings of the 15th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research. Digital Government Society (DGS).

·      What can an index do? Modernizing retrieval for government information. Opening remarks to the May 29th, 2014 Legislative Data and Transparency Conference, Paper vs Electronic Finding Aids for Digital Government Panel. Available at SSRN:

·      Researching Innovation – Biases in case study selection and the potential to learn from failure. Anne L. Washington & Torsten Oliver Salge. Academy of Management Annual Conference. Professional Development Workshop. August 2013.

·      Analyzing the 2012 Presidential Election : What is the correlation between Twitter, Polls and the Popular Vote?  Anne L. Washington, Fernando Parra, Kyle LePrevost, David Morar and Jason Bennett Thatcher.  American Political Science Association Annual Conference. Presidents and Executive Politics division. August 2013.

·      Legislative Information: A Legislative HistoryCornell Law School, Ithaca NY Law Via the Internet 20th anniversary Conference. Oct 8, 2012

·      Designing Power: Constructing technology for a legislative institution. Peer-reviewed extended paper abstract. Selected participant to funded workshop. Anne L. Washington. Organization Studies Paper Development Workshop on Power and Institutions. Judge Business School University of Cambridge, European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS), Sage Publications. Cambridge, UK. April 2012.

·      The Semantics of Social Media: The spread of Occupy protests. Anne L. Washington, George Mason University – Nicholas Roberts, University of South Carolina Upstate – Jason Thatcher,  Clemson University. DIRE – D.C. Area Information Retrieval Experts. Winter Meeting. 12 January 2012, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Technology Innovation Center.

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·      Using web metrics to analyze digital libraries. Michael Khoo, Joe Pagano, Anne L. Washington, Mimi Recker, Bart Palmer, Robert A. Donahue. JCDL 2008 – Joint Conference on Digital Libraries – Pittsburgh, PA.

·      Designing a successful eye-tracking usability study. Andrew Schall, Anne L. Washington. UPA 2008 – Usability Professionals Association – Baltimore, MD

·      Legislative Information Websites: Designing Beyond Transparency. A.L. Washington and J.C. Griffith Legal Knowledge and Information Systems JURIX 2007: The Twentieth Annual Conference Edited by: A.R. Lodder and L. Mommers. December 2007, 192 pp., ISBN 978-1-58603-810-6

·      Computer-based simulation research. (2006) Anne L. Washington in Stewart Clegg and James Bailey (eds). International Encyclopedia of Organization Studies. London: Sage. ISBN 978-1-41291-515-1
American Library Association (ALA) Outstanding Academic Titles for 2008

·      Discussing Design: How search interface features support job tasks in an institutional repository. Anne L. Washington. AMCIS 2006 – Americas Conference on Information Systems – Paper 360. Mexico.

·      By the People Now, For the People Later: Using Transitory Metadata to Anchor a Digital Archive. Anne L. Washington. JCDL 2002 Poster – Joint Conference on Digital Libraries – Portland, OR.


Dissertation Abstract
Search Practices in the United States Congress

Invited Talks

  • PoliInformatics Research Challenge. Convener of a Short Course at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in Washington DC, August 27th 2014
  • Big Data and SocioTechnical Infrastructures Invited Panelist at the NSF-funded Workshop on the Social, Economic and Workforce Implications of Big Data analytics and Decision-Making January 30-31 2014 Washington DC.
  • Exploring the Potential for Big Data for Postal Operators.  Invited Panelist and Moderator. Online International Forum on Postal Innovation. United States Postal Service Office of the Inspector General. January 28 2014 Washington DC.
  • Why digitize?  Invited Panelist and Moderator. Legislative Data and Transparency Conference. The Committee on House Administration. The House of Representatives. The United States Congress. Washington DC. May 22 2013
  • Failure Driven Innovation: An update. Peter Pribilla Foundation Annual conference. April 25-26 2013 Munich Germany.
  • Legislative transparency and the Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress.  School of Public Policy Brown Bag Lecture Series. April 3 2013.
  • Information retrieval and Public Policy. Political informatics NSF-sponsored workshop. February 23 2013.  Chicago Illinois
  • Extending XML and Metadata Standards in Legislatures. Invited Panelist and Moderator. Legislative Data and Transparency Conference. Panel 4. The Committee on House Administration. The House of Representatives. The United States Congress. Washington DC. February 2, 2012
  • The Semantics of Social Media: The spread of Occupy protests. Anne L. Washington, Nicholas Roberts, Jason Bennett Thatcher. DIRE – D.C. Area Information Retrieval Experts. Winter Meeting. 12 January 2012, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Technology Innovation Center.
  • Stability of Linked Open Data for Governments Anne L. Washington, invited expert W3C World Wide Web Consortium. Government Linked Data Working Group. Second Face to Face Meeting, 26 January 2012. Washington DC & Galway, Ireland. Via the Internet 20th anniversary Conference
  • Legislative Information: A Legislative History Speaker at Cornell Law School Ithaca NY Mon Oct 8, 2012.-
  • What Did They Say Again? Collecting and Using Stories for Usability. Anne Washington. UPADC 2006 – Usability Professionals Association of Washington DC.


Invited Participant

  • Achieving Greater Transparency in Legislatures through the Use of Open Document Standards. Invited Participant. The United Nations, The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and the United States Congress House of Representatives. Washington DC. February 27-29, 2012
  • Leadership for Innovation: Visualizing the Invisible
    Invited participant. Peter Pribilla Foundation Research Workshop on November 19-20, 2012 at  Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL)  Leipzig Graduate School of Management in Leipzig, Germany.
  • United Nations
    World e-Parliament Report 2010. United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) and the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Prepared by the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament. 3 June 2010, New York. ISBN: 978-92-1-123187-8 (Acknowledged Contributor)
  • ICIS 2008
    An interpretive approach to sensemaking and search page design. Selected participant. 2008 International Workshop on Grounded Theory Methodology Research. International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) sponsored by the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Special Interest Group on Grounded Theory Methodology (SIGGTM).
  • Project on National Security Reform
    Forging a new shield (2008) James Douglas Orton, Matt Shabat, Matthew Schmidt, Rei Tang, David Tucker. Center for the Study of the Presidency. Washington, DC. (Project Contributor-Vision)
  • AOM2008
    Confronting Risk: Examining Its Acceptability, Short Sightedness, Blind Sightedness, and Prevention. Selected participant. Professional Development Workshop / Academy of Management 2008 – The Questions We Ask. Chairs: Kuo Frank Yu, Karlene H. Roberts, Karl E. Weick, William H. Starbuck, James Douglas Orton. (Dissertation Roundtable)