Grant: NSF SCISIP Open Data Suppliers

SMA – SBE : Digital Strategy of Open Data Suppliers

NSF Award #1635449 – Science of Science & Innovation Policy (SciSIP)

The federal government began a transition from print publications to open data when it established the first national data catalog in 2009. The phenomenon inspired worldwide imitations yet there is little empirical evidence on the effectiveness of open data policy implementations across federal agencies. The research explains the varieties of implementations by examining institutional pressures through the relationship between performance and strategy. The project questions the assumption that quantity is the sole performance criterion and instead considers a range of measures for open data evaluation. The research contributes to discussions about policy for open government data.

The project considers how US government organizations performed in relation to their internal strategic plans and the external demands to supply digital material to the public. A qualitative analysis of key documents identifies themes in federal open data policy. A quantitative content analysis compares open data policy language with the language used by government organizations in digital strategy documents. The relationship between strategy and performance is measured with over 30 compliance metrics published on the Open Data Dashboard. Organizations respond to institutional pressures, such as a mandatory technology policy, while exercising control over established practices. Open data suppliers make decisions about each release within the framework of existing policy and management strategy. The theoretical contribution to information system scholarship considers the connections between open data and management strategy.
Granting Agency: National Science Foundation – Science of Science & Innovation Policy (SciSIP) – Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences SMA – SBE Off Of Multidisciplinary …

Total Award: $126,125.00  Anne L. Washington  (Principal Investigator)

Research Assistants: David C. Morar  Fall 2016 – present